Choose Your Own Road

My journey into photography began in 2007, as a University of British Columbia neuroscience graduate student. Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, I never fully appreciated a sunset until my first night in Vancouver. I was on an orientation boat cruise over the ocean waters and never before had I seen such majestic pink and orange skies. Over the next three years, every chance I had a moment to myself, I would rush to the Spanish Banks or Kits beach and be in awe of the sunset over the Howe Sound. Towards the end of my time in Vancouver, I wanted a better camera than my point and shoot to capture every detail of the Vancouver sunsets, thus as a little graduation gift to myself, I bought my first DSLR (Nikon D5000) and have not looked back ever since (but don't worry, I shoot with a Nikon D750 these days). 

Most of my photography is self-taught and learned through trial and error; I have not so much as taken a photography course, have a professional certificate, or had anybody teach me the ropes. Thus, the motivation from most of my images comes from just trying to capture the small everyday moments we take forgranted, reflected via landscapes: the sun setting over the horizon, clouds passing through over mountains, or a vista off the side of the road. 

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